Just kinda bookmarking this one – at war with your customer and forcing your customer to go to war with you, en masse. Warner Music Group are forcing Google’s YouTube to pull videos that have any recognisable Warner music in it. Background, homage, mashups, clips, concerts, cover’s, singing the shower, you name it, gone.

I know that the musicians are mostly also pissed with this too. Gary had a machinima pulled – one where he got the musicians permission – and had to push YouTube to put it back up. They did – after the musician also stepped in.  This musician had her own music pulled… strange times.

It’s not just the copies of MTV video clips being pulled but also the kids who do covers, accompanying themselves wih guitars or piano. If you have a song playing on the radio in the background while filming you are also going to have your video yanked.

For a few years I’ve been running workshops and giving presentations on “At War with Your Customer. ”  (APRA presentation and Social Anti-Advertising). I have been waiting for a situation big enough to really motivate people into a brand war with the company. Not just a few hundred blog posts, or quiet tsk tsks, but full scale, bring them to their knees. Sort of like what that couple tried to do with MacDonalds before the consumer got their hands on mass content creation and distribution.  This might be it.

Have a listen to his call of action at the end.  War. TechCrunch thinks so too.

Ah well, copyright is against the human condition, our natural DNA as it were. They tried copyrighting music for what? 80 years? 1926 or 1928 I think it was. For millions of years before that, no copyright. Unheard of and alien to our humanity. As it should be.

Time we got back to what we do – rework and repurpose old content.  Let each generation take the stories of the previous generations and mash them up, around the campfire, with that music and those images and their words. It worked for Plato, rewording Socrates and every writer, songwriter and image maker ever since. From some big ol’ Art academic essay paper thing:

vincent-sunflowersArt Influencing Art.

To sum it all up, the barbarians influenced the Romans, the Celts and Germans influenced the Middle Ages, and the Greeks and Romans influenced the Renaissance. Because the relationship between the Romans, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance in art was that their art built off and inspired one another, there sprang up tremendous amounts of wonderful paintings, sculptures, and buildings. The Reformation brought a great crisis to painting, and it began to disappear in northern Europe and England.(here)

And then the Warner Art Group had it all removed.

Let this oh-so-very creative generation bring forth innovation from the embers of intellectual property. There are other business models for music  – stopping hundreds of thousands of people from paying respects to their favourite music by promoting it online to prolong the life of a fundamentally wrong one, is foolhardy and a waste of time.