From TechMag:

Yahoo India is beta testing mashup sites, called Our City, for Bangalore and Delhi. According to Yahoo Our City, users would be able to explore and share city-specific photos, videos, events, news, weather, blogs and trip plans.

The content on the Yahoo Our City mashup sites is sourced from various online sources including Wikipedia, Flickr, Yahoo Video, Upcoming and The news section picks up the news related to Bangalore or Delhi from the web and also lists the main papers of the respective city. (According to Wikipedia, a mashup is a website or application that combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience.)

I love it! I wonder what the implications are for travel, in particular wikitravel, which is only user generated content?? Here’s the wiki Bangalore page – the format of the traditional wiki (vertical table of contents) doesn’t work in this case, but still, as a prototype, its compelling.
Also the implications for AUDA which has been trying to get the local domain names off the ground – y’know for example – with Sensis’ CommunityInABox.

I played around with Our City’s Trip Planner as if I was going to Barcelona, for the 3GSM conference. Well me ‘n Vashti can dream, can’t we?