WotNews 2008: Our most important stories

WotNews wanted to put together stories of significance – not just reporting the main news from 2008 but asking a bunch of us what was most relevant to us personally. The list of people are:
• David Liddy CEO, Bank of Queensland
• Nicola Roxon, MP Federal Health Minister Ministerial page
• Laurel Papworth, Social Network Strategist, World Communities
• Stephen Mayne, Journalist, shareholder activist, crikey.com.au founder. The Mayne Report
• Simon Bond, Partner, Newport Office, New South Wales, ABN AMRO Morgans
• Christine Christian, CEO, Dun & Bradstreet
• Peter Lewis, Executive Producer Landline, ABC TV
• Renai LeMay, News Editor, ZDNet Australia – published by CBS Interactive
• Marc Lehmann, CEO, Saasu.com
• Steven Ciobo MP, Shadow Minister for Small Business, Independent Contractors, Tourism and the Arts, stevenciobo.com

Top of list, as far as I noticed was – dum dum DUM – Financial Crisis. Three of us mentioned Twitter and the impact it was having on sourcing, discussing and filtering media. I had a poke at Australian media for ignoring my trip to Saudi Arabia to teach Arabic women about social media. Waste of time really, we know that social media is in direct competition with heritage media. Dunno why I dig at them. Maybe cos its fun? 🙂

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