You might like this – it’s a machinima made by m’love Gary Hayes – we’re chasing each other through virtual worlds. So I am SilkCharm in both World of Warcraft and Second Life.

BACKGROUND: Machinima is using game engines (the virtual world) to tell stories through video. Second Life is free (unless you buy land) and you make the world, a couple of million members. World of Warcraft is not free (about $13 a month I think, making $1.1 billion per year), the world is developed by Blizzard, and has about 60,000 preconstructed storylines that you have to complete as ‘quests’. About 10 million members.

It might make more sense if you know that Gary works a bit in Second Life whereas I am a World of Warcraft addict. If we want to talk to each other, we have to boot up the other virtual world – or turn around and tap the other one on the shoulder. Heh.

I’ve played and worked in multiplayer virtual world games for about 10 years. And I’ve been in both Second Life and World of Warcraft since they were in beta (about 2004). I really should go back to working in those worlds, business forums aren’t quite so much fun. 😛 Did you like the music? Gary played all the instruments including the harp. I just wandered around with my avatar, looking gorgeous, as one does in a virtual space.

By the way, check out the last frame or two. Funny!