1. Humanity is lovely and cuddly. It’s people I can’t stand. 😛

    Thanks for the link to AttentionTrust.Org. I liked the quote of Cassidy of Facebook about FaceBook vs MySpace “But Zuckerberg argues that on social-networking sites it isn’t the size of the over-all network that matters but the way people organize themselves into subnetworks and exchange information within those subnetworks. “

    AttentionTrust.Org has inspired me to write again about our opinions being moneterized. I’ll do that later.

    BTW I’ve been to a few chats with fairly snr ppl at NewsCorp and they never once mentioned the words conversation or dialogue or discussion – much to the amusement of the audience. Content is Still King in their world. As in “how can we make money from user-generated content?” rather than “how can we facilitate user generated conversations to retain loyalty and subscriptions?” Smart people tho, they’ll wake up soon… Talking of smart NewsCorp people, anyone seen Alan Farrelly (my very first post on this blog)? He still trekking in Nepal or somewhere?

  2. Humanity is evil. That’s why we like on-line communinties.

    NewsCorp is primarily interested in commoditizing the conversation and they are perplexed when they can’t make money.

    In their eyes, if you can’t make money from it – it doesn’t exist!

  3. Hi. I should say a few words about the company you have mentioned here – World Com. It is a real scam. They charge you and charge and charge. Bills for unknown services keep on coming to our mail box and that is annoying. Will they start calling me? On this great site http://www.pissedconsumer.com I found that lots of people suffer from the company. Are you one of us?

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