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Social Media Mentoring

Private social media mentoring with Laurel Papworth in the Blue Mountains of NSW. For individuals, couples or small teams.

Private Social Media Mentoring in my classroom

Are you interested in private one-on-one social media training (or two, bring a colleague/friend)? Is there a specific issue or project that needs bespoke help to do with Facebook, Instagram, Social Ads, LinkedIn, scheduling, Social Media Strategy, Campaigns, hashtags, pixel retargeting, algorithms, and so on that you would like to sit down with someone for two days and just, get the job done? Can you put up with my goofy jokes?

Rationale for undertaking social media mentoring

  • As a small business owner wanting to operate successfully in today’s environment, you need to upgrade your understanding of Facebook and Instagram
  • As a marketing or public relations professional, you wish to work more effectively with clients on social media strategy, campaigns and build out reach and conversions.
  • As a Team Leader, Department Head or Manager, you wish to grow the social media knowledge of your team to build confidence and expertise.
Option for larger groups: Offsite Tutoring for Departments and Teams

We predominantly undertake the private mentoring in my small training room on my property. if you have a larger team ie greater than 4 or 5 people, we can run an offsite at the venue of your choice. For example there is the Fairmont at Leura or Hydro Majestic at Medlow Bath and there are also small training rooms around the Blue Mountains. Please enquire for offsite social media training for larger groups. You can email us or cal me on 0432684992.

Social Media Mentoring Workshop Aims

This workshop aims to equip you with the social media strategy, case studies, and tactical activities to take your social media to the next level

  • This workshop aims to make you knowledgeable about Facebook and Instagram marketing
  • This workshop aims to develop your understanding of and implementation of changes to gain more engagement on social media.
  • This workshop aims to deliver to you sound knowledge of algorithms, ads, Business Manager, content calendars, social media dashboards and more

Social Media Mentoring Learning Outcomes

As clients have a wide range of questions and issues – Government focus on messaging and education, small business on leads and sales for example, you can choose your topics!

  • Improve your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube maybe even TikTok!
  • Better Understand: Algorithms and AI Optimisation (Newsfeed) for Facebook, IG, LinkedIn
  • Maximise: Social Ads including Boosted, Ad Manager, Business Manager, Pixel Retargeting etc, across platforms – create from scratch or optimise what you have already
  • Explore: Scheduling tools for automation and timeliness, audit your tools, make recommendations, trial and setup the tools
  • Build: Customer Avatars, Core Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, Social Graph, Economic Graph for targeting leads and clients
  • Write: a social media strategy for a whole-of-organisation approach
  • Setup:  6 week social media Campaigns
  • Improve: Corporate blogging, social media press rooms, writing for social, content creation across Facebook, LinkedIn and others
  • Create: Key Influencer strategies – finding and evaluating, negotiating, tools to measure key influencers, and their channels
  • Others topics: hashtags and keywords, creating online courses, creating video content, livestreaming to multi-channels etc.

Upon successful completion of this course you will have gained the understanding and tools to make changes to your social media activities to better reach your business, personal and/or professional goals.

Social Media Mentoring Curriculum
Module Examples: You choose!

We fit as much as we can into the 2 days very Intensive mentoring!

Before you build a social media campaign, you need a strategy. This section takes the student through all nine steps of building a Strategy including: Purpose and Values and determining why and what customers will follow on social media sites, Influencer and Blogger Relationship strategies – how to determine who will help promote your products online and how to encourage Instagram users, and bloggers and Facebook users to connect  with you. Strategy is not a campaign document or a content calendar but a “whole of organisation” approach.

Developing social media from an organisational evolutionary perspective. The steps include: developing Social Media Policies and Guidelines for Staff, Building Viral Engagement for promotion in social media sites, Collaborating with Customers in building Social Products and Services. From Broadcast to Engagement in 7 steps.

There are Key Performance Indicators in  social media – The Return on Investment (ROI) and the Cost of Inaction (COI) figures. Six points of measurement from Circulation (number of followers) to Reach ( number of Shares) to Velocity, Sentiment and so on. We look in depth at tools and analyse statistics and bottom line figures in social media. Write your reports!

We cover the importance of a content calendar for optimising algorithms and newsfeeds. Also a programming guide should include an influencer diary, an engagement schedule a promotions calendar and other diary/calendars. No more excel spreadsheets and adhoc posting, let’s optimise your content calendars!

Learn how to build a hub and spoke (website PLUS social) approach to facilitate in-depth, community building online engagement. We work through The Five Steps of a social media campaign from monitoring dashboards and social media automation tools to campaign lifecycle to measurement and analytics. No matter whether your campaign is to promote a product or service, to recruit new staff or to offer online customer service, these 5 steps are critical to effectively engaging in social media. Campaigns include promotions, advertising, and call to actions.

As Facebook/Meta has migrated their processes from Facebook Page Admin to Business Manager Assets including Pixel Apps and Instagram through to the new Business Suite, we need to make sure you are set up correctly (for the latest information) so that your Assets (page, pixel, instagram, ad account) are safe.

Sometimes we just want to get to the hands-on, set-up-the-tech stage. In this module we evaluate, choose and set up social media dashboards for monitoring, for analytics, for scheduling and for AI content creation (artificial intelligence).

How to find the right Influencers for your campaigns. How to measure the Influencer’s engagement and reach. How to negotiate with Influencers. What types of campaigns do you want to run with the Influencer. Examples and case studies, analytics and strategies.

After setting up the different Ad Accounts correctly we need to create and share Audiences. Setting budgets and learning about the F8 (Meta framework) as well as Pixel retargeting apps and regulations, terms and conditions. If you are interested, we can also cover Google Tag Manager (GTM) and the LinkedIn pixel for LinkedIn ads.

There are literally thousands of datasets in the algorithm AIs and if we cover at least a few of them, the reach of our content goes up, the value of our engagement goes up and the price of the ads attached to that channel goes down. Algorithms are the core to the platforms functionality and understanding them well, leads to a more successful outcome.

Integrating your email service with social media, adding a Shopify shop to Instagram or Facebook, Developing your video creation and editing skills, the list is endless. Let me know what you are interested in and I’ll let you know if I’m the right person to mentor you.

Social Media Mentoring Audience & Workshop Prerequisites

Private training in my Blue Mountains training room is suitable for those wanting to take their social media to the next level. You may be a small business wanting to grow your clientele on socials like Instagram. Or you may be a B2B service looking to target niche audiences on LinkedIn. Alternatively, a graduate looking for work in social media, a return-to-work employee wanting to upgrade skills or a Marketing Director looking for external mentoring on specific team/organisation issues. I’ve also mentored Government departments on specific campaigns in my little training room as well as non profits looking to expand globally. You can see my client list and my testimonials.

The majority of people who come through my mentoring program have already had training with me – via Zoom, at a conference workshop or through my University of Sydney courses. If you have not, please be aware that I cater primarily for intermediate and advanced social media managers and executives, and that you may prefer to do a cost-effective public course before deep diving into bespoke training. However it is up to you – I have certainly mentored absolute beginners who have never used Instagram or TikTok before, let alone created business content for those platforms! Contact me if you have any questions. Contact

Prerequisites for social media mentoring

Please undertake the (online) Social Media Audit course and bring those results to the program. You can also fill in the “prioritise your modules” form and submit that before attending so I can set the agenda. Do NOT forget to bring your Lastpass/OnePass password and/or your social media logins. Do not assume you can log in when away from your office so make sure you can at least log into your email on your mobile phone for “forgot password” emails!

Bring with you to your social media mentoring

Please bring your own laptop. An iPad will only get you so far – definitely make sure you have a laptop too, for those social functions that are not mobile device accessible. Don’t forget your power supply! I also recommend you bring a charger for your phone.

About Laurel Papworth


Named by Forbes™ Magazine in the Top 50 Social Media Influencers globally, named Head of Industry, Social Media (Marketing Magazine™) and in the Power150 Media bloggers (AdAge™)


CERT IV Training and Assessment certified trainer (Diplomas and Certificates etc) Adult Education. Taught social media at Uni of Sydney for 12 years. More Info


Laurel has manager Facebook Pages for Junior Masterchef, Idol, Big Brother etc. and have consulted on private online communities for banks Westpac, not for profits UNHCR & governments in SE Asia. Client List


Laurel has 11,000 online students. Laurel Papworth personally connects to 6 million followers online and has taught around 100,000 people in the last 10 years how to be social media mana Testimonials


TRAIN: If you take the train from Sydney, The Victoria and Albert is a stones throw from the Mount Victoria station and I am a 10 min walk away but happy to pick you up in the car esp if it’s raining/snowing!!! Which reminds me, bring warm clothes.

NOTE: Lunch is included on the days of your session but there is no restaurant in Mount Victoria (the Caltex did have a cafe/restaurant with veggie burgers but during Covid it has been put on a limited seating/menu) – so you may want to bring dinner with you if staying at Victoria and Albert Guesthouse with no car. V&A have a microwave. A couple of restaurants starting offering delivery during lockdown but sadly that was NOT available outside of lockdown.

CAR: If you do have a car, there are nice restaurants in Blackheath and the rest of the mountains. They do shut EARLY and may only be open Thursdays to Sunday. It’s the Mountains!


I can ferry attendees in my car if you are staying around the Mount Vic/Blackheath area down to Katoomba. The training room itself is a converted cottage/gallery in the garden – my partner Gary Hayes runs photography workshops there on the weekend – so it’s set up with desks and data projectors and screens and is very practical for training as well as being a beautiful environment (kangaroos and king parrots interrupt classes from time to time). I can fit in 8 or so people (depending on safety restrictions) but most of you choose one attendee or a maximum of two or three colleagues.


If you are looking for less costly Accommodation,  I would suggest you book a room at the (2km away) “haunted house” Victoria and Albert Guest House Mount Victoria Otherwise the gorgeous Hydro Majestic (Medlow Bath) or the lovely Carrington Hotel (Katoomba) or (a bit further away) Fairmont Resort (Leura) – depending on where you would prefer to be. Cloudland (Airbnb) is a 2 bedroom with double ensuites in Blackheath that has been popular with other attendees. Please check and for offers/availability as well. 

Paying for Your Mentoring Workshops

Acts of Weather: If you are intending to come up to the mountains for two days, please be aware that traffic can be hours delayed and that the Great Western Highway can be shut for the day due to snow or fog or rain. I will attempt to reschedule if that happens, but it’s best if you come up the night before and stay. Refunds are available until a week before, otherwise reschedule only. You can reschedule 1 full working day before commencement with no penalty. Please don’t be a no-show, it makes me feel unloved 🙁
GST is included for Australian businesses and the invoice/receipt you receive is ATO compliant. If you however need a proposal to give to the Central Finance Office, or you want to pay by Direct bank deposit (required 5 days before the first session), please contact me. We can invoice you so you can pay directly to a BSB and Account Number. If you choose the payment below to lock in your date immediately, you will pay by Paypal or Credit Card (actually Stripe, but you just put in your credit card details). If you are booking for a 2 day session far into the future, please contact me to set up a payment schedule if you would prefer to pay monthly. See Terms and Conditions for more information.

One Person for Two Days

$2400 /2 days

Come on your own, have an intensive 2 days with Laurel Papworth to get your social media sorted!

1 attendee
2 days, lunch included

  • Private mentoring
  • Strategy, case studies, hands on practical
  • Bring your laptop (& charger)
  • Includes Lunch
  • YOU set the agenda
  • Bring a friend
  • Bring the team/department

Two People for Two Days

$3600 /2 days

Share costs with a mate/colleague, have an intensive 2 days with Laurel Papworth to get your social media sorted!

2 attendees
2 days, lunch included

  • Private mentoring
  • Strategy, case studies, hands on practical
  • Bring your laptop (& charger)
  • Includes Lunch
  • YOU set the agenda
  • Bring a friend
  • Bring the team/department


$5500 /2 days

Share costs with a mate/colleague, have an intensive 2 days with Laurel Papworth to get your social media sorted!

Up to 4 attendees
2 days, lunch included

  • Private mentoring
  • Strategy, case studies, hands on practical
  • Bring your laptop (& charger)
  • Includes Lunch
  • YOU set the agenda
  • Bring a friend
  • Bring the team/department

Questions & Contact

Please contact us by emailing my VA or calling me on 0432684992. Thank you!