Ok, this is what I’m thinking.

I need a business manager or something. I wish I was a guy and then I could have a wife. I just think about work and I don’t sleep properly or organise meals and I keep forgetting to put the washing machine on. I know I have deadlines to meet but there are so many, I hang around on Facebook and Twitter instead. Or fall asleep at my desk. When I get to the end of the day, I want to start it over again cos I need two days for every one. Then I wonder what that thingie was that Hermione Granger in Harry Potter used so she could got to two classes at the same time…

So that’s what I’m thinking.

I spend all my time organising flights and trips and conferences and accommodation and sending out information and answering the phone and emailing stuff and doing invoicing and tax and ….

I’m running out of time to actually put the big picture stuff together. And I love going out for coffees and lunches even if I think the other person is so wrapped up in their project they won’t listen to what I have to offer. 🙂 But I’m losing the ability to do even that. And I know I am not unique in the small business world.

And forget invoicing. I only invoice when cashflow dips below a handful of bucks in the account.

So what should I do? Do I keep working as a solo consultant, with every waking hour including evenings and weekends dedicated to the stuff and nonsense of running a business? Do I find some comfy evangelist job in a fairly bright company and let them do the infrastructure stuff while I amble around giving presentations and consulting and educating?

Or do I employ some juniors to do the office stuff – invoicing and filing and answering phones? Maybe a graduate that is interested in social networks and wants to tag along having a giggle with me? I don’t like employing people – it’s a whole different ballgame – but I need to think about it. It might be time.

Or do a I find a promoter/management agency that will act like an employer and make sure I’m booked and paid and clothed and fed?

Man, I don’t even have time to think this through properly.

If you or someone you know does want to work with me, be warned. I’m irritable and grumpy when I’m wrestling with bigger issues or just before going up on stage. Or when I have eaten too many sweeties and have a sugar hit. I cry easily when I’m tired. Nothing worse than working in an office with a snotty weepy highly strung, high maintenance chick, is there? Not that I am like that all the time. Sometimes I’m lots of fun. Usually at inappropriate moments. But I could y’know, help train them up on social networks while they helped me get my life organised.

I bought a book called Flying Solo – the business one. They are building an online community around small businesses. It’s just such a shame I don’t have time to join and participate and learn. I probably won’t have time to even read the book. 🙁