1. I would love to help, have to think of a way that I could do it with the other full time thing that I do….You need a week in the Maldives with no internet access and lots of good food/sunshine. Dont underestimate how much you are inspiring others . Dinner offer was badly timed hey!CL

  2. Maaaatey, I rang and left you a message. I think have a party on the 5th to go to.. but I’ll double check. Kate C knows.

    I wonder if I could use my social network to organise my life for me? Now there’s a thought!

  3. hey there
    Have you thought of using a virtual assistant P/A? There are quite a few around who work from home when you need them. I can probably dig up a couple of names if you want.

    I know what you mean about needing a wife tho…hee hee

  4. By virtual assistant, do you mean a computer based one? i.e. an avatar?

    I mean, as much as I’d love to give SilkCharm a job *shudders* she’d be useless. 😛

    Or do you mean an outsourced P.A.? If so, yes please, I’d love the name of a company.

    Wives do all the running around, social organising, bringing home and then cooking the bacon…. I’d be a polygamist I reckon. I can’t think of multiple uses for husbands, but I can definitely see the reasoning behind many wives.

  5. Laurel,

    When doing some consulting for an IT/communications outsourcer (voice, collaboration, email, sms etc) i came across a Melbourne based website called Virtually Yours – http://www.virtuallyyours.com.au/ Which offers an Australian based network of ‘Virtual Assistants’ which you can contract out all the various tasks that you don’t have the time/speciality/etc to do yourself. The big advantage they offer being that compared to employing someone to sit and answer phones all day doing nothing when the phone isn’t ringing, they only work when there is work to do, and charge accordingly.

    Definately worth a look imho.

  6. Thanks Dave, they look very interesting.

    Hmmm…. I wonder if there is a peer2peer community for virtual assistants? I saw the guy from eLance on Leo LaPortes Lab the other day, and he said he was setting up peer to peer job networks in other areas than design and web development…

  7. Laurel, Laurel where do I start!

    First up I have always wanted a wife to organise my life, even when I already had a wife no I no longer have a wife I need one to organise my life again! Gosh that is almost a recursive loop.

    You could also look at a coworking environment where a few of you share minions, lower cost & risk.

    Anyway yep as you know there are companies you can outsource low level work, just like in the 4 hour work week. Not sure I have seen any in Australia, but do they need to be here??

  8. I use a virtual assistant when things get crazy – it works great but some time (sometimes lots of time) is needed in the explaining of the task (especially if its needs to be done ‘just so’…) I have also been checking out the flying solo website – wanted to run some adds for our training but its all operated by sensis and they are so $$$ (thinking of all the adwords clicks I could get for the same dough makes me feel a bit wooozy!)

  9. Hi Laurel – We’re so delighted you’ve found us at Flying Solo and I do hope you find some time to read the book. The need you describe would most definitely be satisfied by a virtual assistant I would have thought. We had a recent article on the site that explored the topic and you may find this useful: http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/p247598781_Virtual-Assistant-Five-tips.html

    Also if you google ‘Kathie M Thomas’ you’ll find she has a comprehensive directory of Aus VA’s.

    Love your work,

  10. Hey

    Flying Solo – a great start (and now Robert’s here also).

    I’d also suggest you check out Dynamic Small Business Network (http://www.dsbn.com.au/) as they (and Flying Solo) grapple with these things all day.

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