I’m sooo sorry but this groovy bloggy will be a little unloved this week. I’m busy preparing materials for my Marketing Into Online Communities course at the University of Sydney CCE this week. There’s a few places left if you have Friday free. Don’t YOU pay for it – get the company to cough up. Its a professional development thingie. It’s also undergoing a name change – what do you think of Engaging Customer Networks with Web 2.0, Wiki and Blogs? Or maybe Engaging Social Networks with… blah blah (the more buzzwords you can fit in the title, the more chance you have of winning my approval. Heh.).

The following Saturday (28th?) I’m teaching Using Blogs as a Publishing Tool. That one isn’t really zinging for me at the moment. I keep getting sidetracked reading about the Epic of Gilgamesh, and stone tablets and Sumerian Goddesses. As you do. But I’m sure it will come together in time for the Saturday. So if you are kind enough to pass the word about the courses coming up, you might wanna skip mentioning that I’ve been surfing the ‘net instead of writing solidly. Gee, Thanks. šŸ™‚