Dear Readers, got a dollar or five? It’s for @Wonderwebby‘s Filipino Women’s Trust Bank (WonderWebby is Jasmin Tragas):

“If just 250 people donate $20 each this week then a community of up to 30 Filipino womenvcurrently living in poverty will immediately commence a two year journey, creating small businesses and meeting weekly to support one another and learn new skills – imagine that!!”

What you can do: 

  • Donate now
  • Pass the Chip-In link around
  • Tweet the link on #microloanmonday or #charitytuesday
  • Go to her blog and read more about the microloans project for Filipino women

The power of Chip-in in is YOU, dear reader, adding it to your Facebook, blog, Myspace, whatever page. However much you dollars you donate, your friends may add collectively more!  Thanks m’dears. 🙂