Women of the Web 2.0 in Australia

Two events about the lovelies of Web 2.0 – ABN Seminar and Expo Day. And DebateIT: It’s a World Wide Web of Women.The lovely Rachel Slattery is up to her usual shenanigans. This time she’s got a – what is the plural; a gaggle? – of women fronting up (guys most welcome): DebateIT: It’s a…

Two events about the lovelies of Web 2.0 – ABN Seminar and Expo Day. And DebateIT: It’s a World Wide Web of Women.
The lovely Rachel Slattery is up to her usual shenanigans. This time she’s got a – what is the plural; a gaggle? – of women fronting up (guys most welcome):

DebateIT: It’s a World Wide Web of Women!

When: Wednesday 21st November, 2007
Venue: Lecture Theatre, Museum of Sydney
Corner of Phillip & Bridge Street, Sydney
Time: 5.30pm – 7.00pm
Cost: $30 (inc. GST) * Please note this fee only covers entry to the Debate. However, please join us at Bar Luca following the Debate where food will be served and drinks may be purchased.

Speaker(s): Laurel Papworth, Online Communities Strategist, World Communities; Samantha Brett, Blogger, ASK SAM; Danielle Lehrer, Founder & CEO, GoShout Pty Ltd; Liesl Capper, CEO & Co-founder, My Cybertwin; Sara Goldstein, Co-founder, Mybargainqueen.com
Moderator: Lynne Spender, Consultant, DigiGen

Lynne is a hoot – me n’ Vashti chatted to her for hours one day in Kings Cross. Sara is my favourite fashion blogger – see the right hand panel for real life blog-friends. I wrote about My Cybertwin ages ago, but don’t know Liesl personally. Danielle I met a few weeks ago at a venture capitalist mentoring evening. She builds and flips websites – GoShout seems to be a social conscience petition site with premium SMS voting capabilities. I’ve never met Sam from Sam in the City. oops it’s now Ask Sam. Funny I haven’t used the title online communities strategist for two years now – it’s an old world term, social networks is the new in word for what I do – but it bobs up every so often. πŸ˜› Download PDF. Or Register.

Shane Williamson and I think Chris Gilbey have said they are attending, are you?

Two days before is a sort of meet-up, Chrissy drinks and nibbles for Wild Wicked Wanton Women of Web 2.0 at The Arthouse Hotel. This was meant to happen on October 19th but as I spent the first two weeks of October back and forward to hospital, it taught me I need willing slaves. Err volunteers. And no, no great dramas, not dying or anything. Simply alternately boring and uncomfortable. Nothing a few drinks won’t help. πŸ™‚ I don’t care either way if the blokes show up. It’s just a drinks and vague attempt at organising a date, venue, equipment and mailing list for the “practice presentations” run through group, with an emphasis on meeting each other in person in some cases for the first time.

Just to be clear, WWWWomen is for Web 2.0 women to do a run through on presenting their Web 2.0 projects, ideas, courses, and whatnots. If you are looking for other organisations that support women in I.T. or in business, also look at F.I.T.T or ABN. BTW look at this:


* Abortion Rights Network of Australia * Association of Non-English Speaking Background Women of Australia * Association of Women Educators * Australian Breastfeeding Association * Australian Church Women * Australian Council of Businesswomen * Australasian Council of Women and Policing *Australian Federation of Medical Women * Australian Federation of University Women * Australian Feminist Law Foundation * Australian Federation of Women’s International Zionist Organisations * Australian Local Government Women’s Association *Australian National Bahai Office for the Advancement of Women * Australian National Committee on Refugee Women * Australian Nursing Federation * Australian Women’s Health Network * Australian Women in Agriculture * Australian Women Lawyers * Australian Women’s Motorsport Network * Australian Women Pilots Association * Australian Women’s Party Australian Women’s Studies Association *


*Breast Cancer Network of Australia * Business and Professional Women Australia * Catholic Women’s League of Australia * Coalition Against Trafficking in Women * Coalition of Activist Lesbians- Australia * Coalition of Australian Participating Organisations of Women * Country Women’s Association of Australia * Federated Association of Australian Housewives * Females in Information Technology and Telecommunications * Foundation for Australian Agricultural Women * Guides Australia * Homebirth Australia Inc * International Women’s Development Agency * Maternity Alliance * Mothers Opposing Polution * Mothers’ Union In Australia * Mulsim Women’s National Network of Australia


*National Association of Services Against Sexual Violence * National Association of Women in Construction * National Council of Jewish Women of Australia * National Council for the Single Mother and Her Child * National Council of Women of Australia * National Foundation for Australian Women * National Indigenous Women’s Coalition * National Network of Indigenous Women’s Legal Services *National Network of Women’s Legal Services * National Union of Students Women’s Department * National Women’s Christian Temperance Union of Australia Ltd * National Women’s Justice Coalition * National Women’s Media Centre * Network of Women in Further Education * Nursing Mothers Association of Australia


* Older Women’s Network (Australia) *Ordination of Catholic Women * Pan-Pacific and South East Asian Women’s Association of Australia Inc. * Public Health Association of Australia’s Women’s Health Special Interest Group *Queensland Rural Women’s Network * Radical Women * Society of Women Writers of Australia *Sole Parent’s Union * Soroptimists International of the South West Pacific * UNIFEM Australia Inc. *Union of Australian Women * United Nations Association (Australia) Status of Women Network *View Clubs of Australia


* Women’s Action Alliance * Women and Aids National Working Party * Women and the Australian Church *Women’s Christian Temperance Union * Women in Chemistry * Women in Engineering * Women in Film and Television (Australia) * Women in Management * Women in Science Inquiry Network *Women in Super * Women into Politics * Women with Disabilities * Women’s Economic Think Tank * Women’s Electoral Lobby * Women in Adult and Vocational Education * Women’s Services Network * Women’s Financial Network * Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom * Women’s Network for Technical and Vocational Education and Training * Women’s Rights Action Network Australia * Young Women’s Christian Association of Australia * Zonta International

That’s just the PEAK BODIES. o.O Shall I join them all? I’m a bit of a ‘joiner’. heh.

Talking of Australian Businesswomen’s Network (ABN) I’m presenting on Saturday at the Seminar and Expo Day:

  • James Stevens – Roses Only (Australia’s No. 1 Online Flower Sellers)
  • Amy Lyden – Founder, Bow Wow Meow Multi-award winning entrepreneur)
  • Scott Farquhar – Atlassian (Winner – Entrepreneur of the Year)
  • Karaline Loiterton – The Wedding List Company (My Business Magazine Customer Service Award)
  • Alison Rush – Google (Search Engine marketing specialist)
  • Laurel Papworth – World Communities
  • Fred Schebesta – Freestyle Media (Young Direct Marketer of the Year)
  • Jennifer Lambeth – Out of Site Services

The 10th Annual Businesswomen’s Seminar will be held in Sydney on Saturday, 10 November 2007 at Australian Technology Park.

Yep, mixed event, better get mum and dad’s permission! πŸ™‚

Note to Cameron Reilly – see? we’re lifting our skirts, albeit coyly. BTW I never said that I was incensed. I said I threw a tantrum. Yes, there’s a difference. πŸ˜›

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  1. Hoorah! As I said in my recent podcast dedicated to the fairer sex, it’s about time women woke up and realized they actually run the world already. Us blokes have just been borrowing it for the last few thousand years.

  2. *lifts her pixel skirts and moons Cameron*
    You could’ve left the first, post hon – it was the same as the second one but with a direct link. And if you know basic html, and I guess you do, Blogspot lets you ‘a href’ links.

    Here, let me do a proper link:
    Cameron’s podcast with Katherine Cunningham πŸ™‚

    I’ll download it to my iPod touch and listen to it tonight when I am in my jammies drinking chamomile tea.

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