WOM: AntiMarketing triggers

I tried to comment on this article InsideCRM, but the comment disappeared. Either it vanished in a sea of pixels or it’s pre-moderated (but not explained as such):

6 Easy Ways to Generate Word-of-Mouth Campaigns

Creating a buzz is simple if you get inventive, have fun – and follow these tips.

By Ellen Smith on June 5, 2008

  1. Start a teaser ad campaign. Countless industries use teaser ads to create interest before a product is even announced.Think of the movies: Teaser previews show a dozen action shots or close-ups of a popular actor without telling viewers the name of the film. All they know is that it’s “coming this summer,” but they still want to see it. Such films have a built-in audience before a single review has been published.
  2. Spread rumors about the problems with an existing product (even if it’s your own). Then show you have a solution with a new offering. Or better yet, demonstrate how your product can do even more than just fix the problems of the original.
  3. Use online social networking – blogs, forums and Q&As – to point out a product’s shortcomings or advantages. Mention the much-ballyhooed new technology, service or marketing campaign. Hint that a solution is available or soon will be. And do a little name dropping – always with a positive spin.

and so on and so forth.

Yes you can play with cutesy guerilla/WOM campaigns, though the lack of respect shown above for the consumer will be like playing with fire.

Hinting at the arrival of Zero Coke without actually saying it.

My concern was with starting anti-marketing communities.

Your staff are members of social networks too. Is all publicity good publicity?

Y’know, like the Coca Cola versus zerocokemovement.org – the consumer publishing Cokes poor record with gas emissions of Coke trucks, crime rates around Coke vending machines, poor health benefits of the sweeteners in Coke… and so on.

My slideshow on the consumer doing anti-marketing (RMIT Communicator of the Year awards to marketers)

Go very quietly with the WOM stuff in social networks online won’t you? There are ways of doing it that are fun and popular. And others won’t have your product ignored – it will be reviled!

Laurel Papworth

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