Winning TV-to-Mobiles formula

Is it true that this is the most popular use of 3G video in the UK – BIG BROTHER ??????

For Vodafone UK, TV coverage to cricket and soccer and sports to Mobile phones apparently are no where near as popular as BB-cam. 24×7 of that rubbish? pass.

Vodafone UK will stream the reality TV show Big Brother to its Live! portal 24 hours a day and — of course — live. The 24 hour mobile stream might rejuvenate the reality program, which many see (or hope) to be sliding into obscurity. However, since the video stream will be over Vodafone’s mobile network it’s going to be very bandwidth intensive.“The 24/7 video streaming concept is viewed by Vodafone as a stepping stone between existing video content and broadcast mobile TV. “It’s about the evolution on the portal from downloads and streams to the end-game of what mobile TV looks like,” said Bill.”

Nah it can’t be true. Can it? And yes, its coming here too. Australia I mean.
From the world of GET A LIFE- NO THNX I’LL HAVE YOURS!

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