I know its been around for a while (Jan 2000), but for those newly joining the online community revolution, Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia. Its claim to fame? Its entirely contributed to and edited by users. And while there have been some naughtys that tried to pull a swifty or two, in the main, the users correct and clarify inaccuracies.

Wikipedia was created in January 2000, by founders Jimmy Wales, Larry Sanger, and some enthusiastic collaborators. Three years later, as of December 2004, there were 13,000 active contributors working on over 1,800,000 articles in more than 100 languages. As of today, there are 766,976 articles in English; every day hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world make tens of thousands of edits and create thousands of new articles to enhance the amount of knowledge held by the Wikipedia encyclopedia. Visitors do not need any special qualifications to contribute, and people of all ages help to write Wikipedia articles.

Pretty coolgroovyneato huh? They’ve got a few other projects too – dictionary and thesaurus, directory of species, free books and textbooks, quotes, library, media repository, free content news source and and a paper edition. yay!