Truth in Numbers (hat tip: Jimbo, y’know that wikipedia guy.)

It’s user-edited documentary:

Truth in Numbers: The Wikipedia Story

Welcome to the wiki for “Truth in Numbers: the Wikipedia Story” -a feature documentary site that ANYONE can edit.

This is a resource site for the feature documentary about wikipedia and free digital content, due out in Spring 2008. ANYONE can edit, so go ahead!

Hnmm I wrote about the importance of user-generated documentaries a year or so ago *rustles around* ah yes, I think this is it. Or this one? Nvm, what is the difference between user generated documentaries and ummm stuff on YouTube. Define docos I guess. Anyway, this one is many many users wasting hours on editing a film instead of an encyclopedia. And bless each and every last one of ’em.

Oh wait! It’s just the site you can edit, not the movie. Yet. heh.