1. you might lock down access to a wiki after it’s reached a certain stage of development – we sometimes do it with classes that are taught using wikis.

    Wikipedia makes certain articles read-only if they are controversial, it’s a good way to maintain control if you need to.

  2. I guess when we see events like this

    “blogging is as useful as talkback radio”

    where none of the speakers are from bloggers, but include GMs of Fairfax Digital and ABC Digital Radio!


  3. I know a pile of people who run a MediaWiki installation only they can edit as their home page – particularly useful if your home page is basically a storage site for a disparate group of personal projects. Typing it all into a wiki means you only have to update the information and not think about layout, etc.

    But yeah, having that box marked “Wiki (read-only)” is, um …

  4. This compilation of quotes is outstanding. You are truly my info-hero.

    Information, apparently, is anti-government and threatening.

    It is interesting that no matter how many third party organizations review and approve of the accuracy of Wikipedia articles, quotes like those persist.

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