I’ve been meaning to post about this for some time. Every time I see the media jump up and down over realestate.com.au and how wonderful it is…

It is consistently ranked as one of Australia’s 20 most visited web sites due to its…. more functional and faster search engine

I want to scream. It’s NOT! It always sucked and now, in fact, it’s gone downhill! At least you used to be able to do a keyword search, and select “harbour views”, “not have car space” and I think “close to schools”. You don’t even have them anymore. I mean “Australia’s best search engine” doesn’t have a keyword function? Sheesh.

For an example on how to really provide what the customer wants, scamper over to the RSS feeds at CityCrybs, a New Yawk housing site. The search page offers much more customisation than just a suburb and price range that realestate.com.au give you. I don’t want a car space, why can’t I say ‘no car space’, please don’t make me buy a car space. šŸ™ CityCrybs - Click for larger picture
We really do reward mediocrity in this country. Number one search portal? grrrr.