1. Shows the Daily Tele writers really don’t understand the meaning of “irony”.

    Believe it or not today I had to send an email to all-staff to say “It’s great you have a facebook group but don’t use the company name and logo in the title” – can you imagine if someone was searching for our company name and then gets a bunch of staffers moaning about awful customers or how hungover they are and how much they hate their job.

    I love Facebook but I’d never add anyone from work to it. Going to keep that sooo separate. Especially as a lot of my status updates are “sick day as I’m hungover” 🙂

  2. Cheryl you are gonna hate me – here’s a devil’s advocate approach – let them do what they want! That fourth wall (between consumer and company) is gonna come down anyway. And being united on issues under a company name gives a ‘family’ feeling. Nothing worse than hearing your company dissed in social networks and being ‘forbidden’ to speak up. Very old-school PR. And not one that the Gen Ys (and all Gen C) will take to.

    It’s the same rationale as behind corporate and employee blogs – we trust a company more that shows us its errors than one that is behind a wall.

    Isn’t it amazing what a corporate team building tool these social networks are, as long as there is only very limited controls put in by the company? Whatever those Cleo and Dolly folk got up to, one thing you can be sure, their TEAM is gonna be immensely strong. Even more so now they’ve been smacked. Heh. Cheaper than a corporate team building day. 🙂

  3. Laurel – I do agree with you, but this was to the point of saying “Yay, we can say what we want about the company cos the boss can’t see us. Nyer nyer nyer”

    It wasn’t useful interaction, was more like a bunch of young office workers (straight out of school) playing up when they thought the teacher was away.

    I do agree that it would be useful for potential customers to see what you’re talking about, but only if you’re mature enough to know how to use the social networks – have a look for the Virgin Money group, now that is the way to do it.

    Besides, I didn’t tell them not to use facebook, I just told them to take off the company logo and name as it’s akin to them smoking and beating up people while they’re dressed in their school uniform.

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