I’d like the posts that have been commented on, to rise to the top. And/or a widget for “most commented” that I can stick on the right hand side. (I write a lot of crap but every so often, one post will catch oodles of attention). I’d like to be able to stick a post or two, so that the latest post DOES stay at the top. Effectively it would look like this
Latest Post
– XYZ 0 comments
Popular Posts
– ABC 10 million comments
– DEF 12 comments
– GHI etc
The rest

I think the other stuff – ratings and rankings, a proper implementation of digg and so on- is coming or on other blogging platforms. But the focus on latest post at top probably won’t change. Perhaps it would bring it’s own problems – make us focus on the herd mentality? “I have to comment cos 1 million others did”?

So, would changing it around that be too messy? It seems to me that as blogging is currently time-centric, newcomers get the impression that it is fad driven. I mean, I read Techmeme and Scobleizer to see what is hot right now but that’s not the only purpose of blogs. With a seasrch engine you can find some amazingly thoughtful and relevant posts that were written 3 or 4 years ago. Not by me, alas!