The Sydney Morning Herald reports that:

Sophie Delezio, who suffered horrific burns after a car crashed into her kindergarten in December 2003, is on life support after being hit by a car on a Sydney crossing this afternoon.

An awful awful thing to happen to a family that has already been through too much.
In response, WishesForSophie has been set up. The news was broadcast at around 5:30pm. At 7:19pm, 605 ‘wishes’ have been submitted. See here for statistics.

This is an immediate vocal response to the unfairness of life. Instead of yelling at the TV or discussing amongst family on the phone or in the lounge room, we have a mechanism to reach out into the broader community and show what we think and how we feel. We can dialogue with others who care. Will newspapers and TV ever fully ‘get’ this? God I hope not.

Best wishes to Sophie and her family.

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