What am I up to?

Good question. Up to no good, no doubt!

The University of Sydney’s Centre for Continuing Education Spring Guide came out yesterday. In there, you’ll note, I’m teaching two courses – you might be interested. The first one is in the Professional Development area (Marketing, Sales and Events). On the 20th October in fact:

Marketing into online communities 0641900

9.00am – 5.00pm Friday 20 October: 1 day

How close to your market are you? The internet has come of age and today’s customers have real time discussions on accepting and rejecting products and services. If you’re eager to understand how to maximise the value of viral marketing to gain and manage a loyal customer community, and minimise the pitfalls of handing your brand (willingly or unwillingly) over to your customers, don’t miss this course! We’ll look at success stories, current and future trends in external marketing and internal communications, and readily available technology to facilitate user generated content within your customer networks.

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The second one is a week later, under the Film and Writing area (Creative Writing) is purely about blogs.

Using blogs as a publishing tool 0646410

9.30am – 4.30pm Saturday 28 October: 1 day

Are you a budding journalist, writer or hobbyist who wants to gain an audience through a web log (blog)? See how others have used blogs to publish their books, such as Baghdad Burning, which was nominated for the BBC Four’s Samuel Johnson Prize for Non Fiction. This course will show you how to start your own blog using free websites, and how to use tags, moderate comments, and add photos and video. We’ll also look at some opportunities available through blogs to make money from your writing.

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There’s more info on the links above – full course outline etc. It’ll be fun! And they serve nice pastries.

And thirdly but by no means lastly, I’ll be making a tres glam appearance at WebDirections, September 26-29 here in Sydney. -here’s the program guide. In fact, on Friday 29th September, I’ll be talking about The Business of Online Communities. It won’t be a technical or useability session – more marketing and sociability – here’s the precis.

It seems that everyone is talking about user generated content and online communities these days. But how will citizen journalism, user-generated content, the Blogosphere, tagging, ranking, and Wiki knowledge reshape branding and your business? How do you manage and scale this community and then hand control to your users (and how do you explain to the boss what you’ve just done?). Gain an understanding that dialogue is the new content and learn how to maximise the benefits (and minimise the pitfalls) of creating online communities in this presentation.

Anyway, enough about me, what about YOU? What have you been up to?

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