Note: I’ve moved my blog here as my previous bloghost appears to be a morally bankrupt marketing company involved in cashing in on brandnames and bad faith use of domain names and goodness knows what else *sighs* you’d think with my background I’d not have fallen one of those. I have no patience for unethical types ><
Welcome to my weblog. I’ve given in and done one, more as an exercise in viral marketing than because I think anyone is really going to sit and read it… weblogs are for the benefit of the authors not potential readers, after all right?

Ah well, it’s better than keeping a favourites list – I can write a few comments as to why I bookmarked some obscure site as well. And yep, this is transient, something I will do only while back in Australia. The ‘net is a mercurial being, it doesn’t have to be an archive of all writings. I create websites and dismantle them as needed… why inflict out-of-date information and formats on people, I ask ya? So if you think the slant seems to be on Australian online communities, integrating offline and online for circulation increase, and on Australian communities merge/acquisition, gee you’d be right!

A note on Aussie blogs: I reckon the first and best blog was Alan Farrelly’s from NewsInteractive waaaaay back in ’96. He wrote Net News that would be emailed out and also posted on his site with articles on the *new* ‘net phenomenon and tidbits of sites to go to. It wasn’t dynamic, cos it was developed and posted up each day, but was definitely in the form of a few comments and a quote from the referred-to site and a link. Lots of the sites were fun, I got hooked on my first ‘net soap opera cos of him. *rolls eyes* Gee thanks Alan! Where are you now, hon? Hong Kong for NI? Hiking in Nepal? Ack back to work for me …

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