Before you go cuddling up to Anson, it’s not our WebJam. Some, no doubt vastly inferior imitation, other WebJam. I didn’t go too far into it, just signed up really but it actually doesn’t look too bad – sort of a competitor, with drag and drop blocks (blogs, forums, and so on):

A London-based start-up founded by Yahoo! veterans, Webjam, provides individuals and communities with an innovative and versatile platform to create, aggregate and share contents online. The investment from French early stage venture capital firm I-Source Gestion will fuel further product development and global expansion.

London, UK; Paris, France (PRWEB) March 29, 2007 — Webjam, a London-based internet start-up founded in 2006 by former Yahoo! employees, announced that it has raised £1 million (2 million USD) in first-round funding from French early stage venture capital firm I-Source Gestion. Webjam will use the funds for product development and international expansion across Europe and the US, joining the ranks of European start-ups with a global ambition.

Offering ‘the Web the Way you Want®’, Webjam enables users to easily create their online presence in a fully personalised way. With powerful community features, an easy drag-and-drop interface and a rich catalogue of modules and styles, Webjam makes publishing and sharing really simple. In a single place, users can pull together familiar functionalities such as blogs, photos, message boards, news feeds or maps, and combine them in their preferred layout. A whole page or a given module can be made public, private, or restricted to a particular community. Page layouts, contents and modules are replicable, so that users can build their own page by leveraging on what the community does best.

Read more here at PRWeb. Who now have subscribe RSS, bless ’em.