Russ from WSG sent me a lovely email, including notification of a ‘geeky evening’. *sadly puts away her glittery evening dress and faux fur coat* I guess I better wear my new SitePoint T-shirt instead. Eat. Sleep.Code. šŸ™‚

In case you are bored and in need of a geeky night out, our next WebStandards Group meeting coming up on Thursday October 19. The two speakers are:

1. THE WEB – A BLIND PERSPECTIVE Lee Kumutat, Training and Braille Products Manager from Quantum Technologywill be talking about the web from a blind perspective as well as demonstrating the wide range of assistive technologies used to access the web.

2. THE MOBILE WEB – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW Dominique Lee, from NineMSN Mobile Web will be exploring the mobile web,where it is at and where it is going and what you need to know right now!

More here

I’ll try to make it to this one, though I was playing around with flitting to DigitalLife….

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