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From Blender magazine by way of FasterLouder.com.au by way of the inimitable Vashti Rosenberg:

US magazine Blender has named Steve Jobs and Apple as the world’s most powerful technology trendsetters, placing the company at the very front of the online music revolution that has reshaped the way people listen to, buy and even watch music. The ‘Powergeek 25’ list reflects what Craig Marks, editor-in-chief of Blender Magazine, identifies as the true power players in Web music.

The full list of winners in the Blender Magazine’s ‘Powergeek 25’ was…

1. Steve Jobs: Apple (Technology corporation)
2. Tom Anderson and Chris Dewolfe: MySpace (social-networking site)
3. Chad Hurley and Steve Chen: YouTube (video-sharing site)
4. Doug Morris: Universal Music Group (recording company)
5. Ryan Schreiber: Pitchfork (indie-rock magazine)
6. Ian Rogers: Yahoo! Music (music portal)
7. Martin Stinksel and Felix Miller: Last.FM (music community site)
8. Greg Bildson: LimeWire (file-sharing program)
9. Christian Schmid: RapidShare (file-hosting service)
10. Coran Capshaw: MusicToday (online ticketer and merchandiser)
11. Scott Lapatine: Stereogum (indie-rock blog)
12. Mitch Bainwol: RIAA (music business trade group)
13. Perez Hilton: PerezHilton (gossip blog)
14. Anthony Volodkin: The Hype Machine (mp3 blog aggregation)
15. Tim Quirk: Rhapsody (subscription music service)
16. Vadim Mamotin: AllOfMp3 (discount retailer)
17. “Oinkylicious” Alan: Oink’s Pink Palace (invite-only file sharing site)
18. Jason Tate: AbsolutePunk (indie-punk news and community)
19. Bram Cohen and Ashwin Navin: BitTorrent (file-sharing service)
20. David Music: EMusic (online music retailer)
21. Matthew Perpetua: Fluxblog (mp3 blog)
22. Brett Woitunski: PureVolume (indie-punk community site)
23. Eric Garland: BigChampagne (online music research firm)
24. Bob Leftsetz: The Leftsetz Letter (music business blog)
25. Pete Wentz: net-obsessed star of Fall Out Boy

Agree? Disagree? Who gives a flying… ? Where are the Aussies that’s wot I wanna know. In a niche world, lists are just … lists.

FasterLouder.com.au – really poor usability and doesn’t pay blogrespect. I joined but still can’t find a way of adding comments to a post I found. I want to comment, it says I must be logged in, I log in, it takes me to a strange page, the only way back to the page I want to comment on is the back button and then hit Reload. Still doesn’t see me as logged in… I login, rinse repeat. I eventually found a keyword that would bring up the article (search is hidden bottom right). Still, sucks. The article doesn’t link to Blender. In fact linking doesn’t seem to be a concept understood at all. Unless you are one of their other media properties. This is very trad. press – don’t feel you have to link to your sources now, willya? And stupid, if you don’t let people comment easily and you don’t have outgoing links, SEO is gonna suck, bigtime. I’m still looking for the original Blender article – I suspect FasterLouder got it through an (unattributed) hat tip. That’s what happens when you don’t give your community clear posting guidelines I guess.

And the list! OMG! How did some of ’em… nvm, sheesh. For starters, Apple/Steve Jobs gets my un-Web 2.0 award for the year. Who are they kidding? Cool hardware, sucky ideas about collaboration, corporate blogging, little-bits-everywhere, etc. Valleywag agrees with meh.

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