Provocative title. Provocative stuffz.

Dammit, embed grrrrr!

YOUTUBE VIDEO Of MILNE/MAYNE PUNCHUP: Got a new lease of life – I posted it up in November last year. Since News journo, Milne, started attacking (in writing) Politician Rudd for being drunk at a girlie bar, his attack on Crikey’s Mayne (physical) is getting a fresh airing – views are going up (well over 4,000 now) and comments (a couple a day). The long tail of naughtiness?

Diet Coke’s user generated advertising (Quickie – Australian campaign) is a bit weird. I can’t embed the “Short Films” (read: product placement videos) on MY blog page. I wanted to put the winning one here for you to see. Think about that for a moment, before you click through to their site. I can only send or post the link to people who may or may not follow up on it. All so that Coke can add-up their traditional statistics – pageviews. Yet if they had offered the movies as “embeds” or even “widgets”, the filmmakers could’ve done their own marketing campaign. Tell a hundred friends to embed, view, comment on the film then come to the site to vote if they wanted to. Even if only 25% of the people come to the site, that’s another 75% that willing saw an ad for diet coke on a remote site. Really good ones will take off on YouTube. I just don’t see getting 4 million views do you? I personally would prefer 4 million views of an ad than counting a few thousand visitors to a site. Clearly I suck at marketing – I figure it’s more important to get the brand out there than count the number of pageviews. It’s not like Diet Coke are selling advertising space on their site now, is it? And aren’t there little tracking cookies that let you know how many times a video has been emailed around etc. I think they used them in the BIG beer ad. And if the consumers are creating anti-ads, well they are probably already up on YouTube (no I haven’t checked).

Scrapbook for Firefox – allows me to download a whole site. I’ve used other tools- actual applications – but this one does it as a browser button. Way to go to back up this bloggy. 🙂