Wanna job in Online Communities?

Robert Andrews at Journalism.co.uk has a snippet on some jobs working with Citizen Murdoch. I’ll quote it in full as its only a wee thing:

Rupert Murdoch’s News International is to embark on a big expansion of its internet communities commitment this summer.

Recruitment advertisements have gone out for a number of positions “on several levels, in a new online community team as part of an exciting project”.

The drive, which is in an early stage, will see the addition of an online community editor, who will create new forums on hot topics and will seed user-generated content from readers, as well as other staff in editorial and management.

It has been expected that parent group News Corporation, which boughtOpens in a new tab. MySpace in 2005 for US$508m, would integrate the popular social networking site with its newspaper properties. Mr Murdoch, who had initially approached the internet with scepticism, now believes online media operations are fundamental to the survival of publishing.

News International publishes The Times, Sunday Times, The Sun, News of the World and the Times Literary Supplement. The adverts did not state whether the new move would take place at specific titles.

What would the interview questions be (for interviewer and interviewee)? Let’s see: do you serve Tim Tams with the morning coffee? How will the incumbent journalists who are notoriously strike-happy, feel about having their work ranked and rated? Will you insist that those journo’s participate in dialogue and implement metrics to ensure that they do so? Will I be paid danger money?

What do you think should be on the interview list of questions, boys and girls?

If you do apply, be sure to come back here and let us know how you get on. Oh and feel free to drop my name at the interviews (umm that was humour). Having just returned to Australia from a gig in the U.K. I also wholeheartedly recommend some form of Thermal Underwear – that brand is Aussie I think? Take your uggies and flannies too!

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