1. You’re welcome, poppet. And if you’re wondering what I said to the SMH it was along the lines of ‘redbubble is an online art community that shows you don’t have to have to be a messy MySpace to be edgy in the social network space’.

    I said ‘edgy’ cos it’s the IN word to use about online stuff atm. 😛

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  3. And it’s been a good experience so far; except maybe for the comments – some hostile people out there in newspaper land.

  4. Oh forgive me m’lord, of course that’s why I couldn’t vote for you. *obsequious grovellng* All Hail King Martin. 🙂

    Be glad that you ignited them on your first post. You picked a tough topic – who hasn’t been rejected after 7 interviews and gotten a little pissy? But better your readers swing in with a bit of argy bargy and liven the thread up, than a digital graveyard haunted by 3 or 4 lost souls. How are you going to top that, you Jonesy/Lawsy of the blog world? Heh.

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