1. Hi Laurel 🙂
    I really liked this campaign – I liked the idea, the production, and the simplicity. I thought it was effective. But recently somebody used it as an example of a digital campaign that wasn’t well done, because it was not integrated successfully with keywords, SEO, did not equate to huge numbers of hits on the VW site etc.
    I still like it, and I still think it was successful in terms of spreading positive brand awareness. But Laurel, I wonder whether you think it is a good example if not tied into a broader digital marketing plan? Would love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Sounds like an agency wowser to me – 10 million views on YouTube means a viral hit. Certainly many times better than an expensive-to run-ad on TV.

      I think the difference between digital and social strategist is that social strategist aim for distribution – 10 million views means thousands of embeds i.e. channels. Only digital people would insist that that must convert into visits to a boring as batshit website. I guess the question is: do you want people to visit your website and what does that actually mean for you versus do you want your branding in front of tens of millions of people with feelgood brand sentiment happening?

      And that is the crux of the matter: marketing people need to make a decision – do you want a few hundred people visiting your companies website or do you want millions of people discussing your brand positively in front of friends and family and colleagues?

      So in answer to your question: business often requires a marketing mix, but reality means that is a mixed message (broadcast/shouting versus listening/playing). The world does what the world does, no matter how much businesses get upset “it shouldn’t be that way”. I think we wouldve seen video views in the low thousands if they’d whacked volkswagen.com branding all over the subway walls and video.

      “Doctor, the campaign was a successful implementation of a digital strategy but we didn’t get any views.” 😛

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