Virtual Worlds: SecondLife and abilities

I met a soulmate at Connecting Up 2007 CISA conference in Adelaide – David N Wallace. We had a semi-heated discussion about blogs (they ARE SO 1-2-many!) and then rolled our collective eyes at AUCDs renewed push to create artificial Sensis-sponsored communities around geo-locales. More on that later.

Checking out his personal blog and then his other one, I found a link to this article from EurekaStreet about SecondLife and people with disabilities. Which was coincidental because I had a discussion about the good bad and ugly re: virtual world and abilities/disabilities with someone annoying recently. I was trying to remember the details about blind people navigating around Secondlife using slURLs. Anyone know what I’m talking about? No? Ah well, nvm.

Fez Rutherford blog on SecondLife and disabilities here. Yes Second Life is annoying and materialistic and full of sex and fashion but…

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  1. Hey Laurel, I was hoping to meet you at cu07 but just ran out of time. It turns out that Dave (LifeKludger) Wallace, you and I share an interesting ‘munge’ connection via ‘UncleNick’ Hodge.

    We have all been on the Geek Stories.

    If you dig a little deeper you will find that Dave is onto a potentially world changing idea with his LifeKludger vision.

    Fang – Mike Seyfang

  2. Aww gee there ya go,.bringing up geek stories. best be careful talking about something different after Laurel already set the agenda!

    (sorry, this obtuse comment was a dig reflecting something Laurel said about the blogger setting the agenda) 🙂

    Oh..and Laurel, what’s your av name in sl?


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