…and fourth download *sighs*. Ah well, my laptop is nice and clean now :). So yes, I just downloaded Second Life yet again. This time from Telstra’s Big Pond Second Life servers. I am at 10 gig of a 12 gig monthly limit – and I have until beginning of Mayto eke out mybandwidth. Grrrr. So it’s nice to know some things come free with Big Pond.

So, since 28th March 2007:
Linux: 69 downloads and 3.5 stars from 6 votes
Mac : 243 downloads and 2.7 stars from 7 votes
Windows: 3,516 downloads and 3.8 stars from 62 votes
Is that a lot? How much did Ponderia/Ponderosa, or whatever it’s called cost to build anyway? What was the value of the media impressions? Searching the pond, bigpond and second life returns around 128 Google links.

Betcha didn’t know I was a flying nun in Second Life, hmmm? Well what else would I be? A sexeh minx running around in my undies like all the others there? No Waaaaay.

*makes sign of the cross* Bless you, my child.