1. Joost isn’t flash. But joost.com is. When I right click on the Joost logo to post it here on my blog, it says about adobe flash player 9. Sites that don’t let me copy and paste informational text, or don’t let me link to an image or logo make me cross. I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. 🙂

  2. Joost has platform limits currently. It’s available for Windows and Intel Macs, but not older Macs. I got a Joost invite but I can’t use it. Unfortunately I can’t pass it on either. You can’t really compare something available to almost everyone (YouTube) with something limited to specific platforms. Just ask the ATO.

  3. Well it only began development in Oct last year. What sort of Mac do you have? I love my Mac but don’t use it a lot (its the one with the tubby tummy). BTW the Joost invite said “Don’t want to wait? Try getting hold of an invitation from another tester. All new beta-testers now get tokens allowing them to invite friends and acquaintances, and these tokens will give you instant access to Joost™. Get ahead of the curve – beg your friends for an invite today!” Did they fib and not give out tokens?

  4. Hi Laurel

    Nice article, and thanks for the comment on my blog. A joost competitor you may want to check out is http://www.Babelgum.com. I have a login to that if you want to email me!

    Looking from the inside out(of the online video industry), i think the lawsuit from Viacom was inevitable, and the floodgates are now open. I think Viacom will win it hands down.

    Check out the latest post on my blog (as of 1 minute ago!) http://brandnewobservations.blogspot.com – there is a video i think you should see.

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