using Australian Vodafone iPhone in Singapore

Set up Vodafone (Australia) for trip to Singapore and get free wifi.

I’m in Singapore until Wednesday, teaching Gov 2.0 and DoD 2.0 social media courses. Being a cheap kinda gal, I thought I’d blog some key points of setting up my Vodafone iPhone on free wifi and using services in Singapore.

I thought I’d blog this cos I can never find it on telco sites. Next time I’m in SIN, I can just come here… The blog as social bookmarkting tool, FTW! If you don’t have a Vodafone phone, don’t have an iPhone (poor you) and don’t come to Singapore, move along. Nothing to see here. That includes those of you on a big fat international daily per diem allowance.  For the rest of you: vodafone_logo

NOTE: if you get into trouble, e.g. can’t use your shortcut keys to access voicemail etc. change the setting in Carrier back to SGP-M1 (Mobile One). Can’t hurt the phone and that will reset you back to your original service. Also note: calling 1555 is free in Australia but has international roaming rates overseas. Better try online services first. 😛

  1. Make sure you are on Vodafone Traveller plan (you only need Vodafone World for 3 additional countries). Calls are $2.00 then normal rate. Pick up a call for $1. SMS is 75c international.   Vodafone link for Postpay don’t blame me if it gets changed. Seems that preferred supplier for Aussie Vodafone in Singapore is M1 or MobileOne but I change mine to Singtel (see later).  Details on 3 mobile service providers in Singapore from Vodafone is here. Mostly you lose prepaid international roaming and 3G video calling.
  2. Voicemail – set up your voicemail in Australian. Only M1 (Mobile One) lets you use the short codes (preprogrammed keys) to access to vmail so if you swap to Singtel (see below) bear that in mind.
    121 for Voicemail (or +61 414 121 121)
    If you would like to use your voicemail overseas, just call us on 1555^ to activate it. Once you have done this, it’s automatically ready to use, every time you travel.
  3. Service provider defaults to SGP-M1-GSM. I went into my iPhone settings and changed it to SingTel. Then I got an SMS from SingTel offering me free services for using their network. Much better.  Dial *777 on your phone – it seems to hang up  – then wait. You get a a SMS with a list of free services.
  4. FREE WIFI *186 is free wifi, *624 is free hotspots *188 flight info service *6277 -map and geoservices. Remember you actually CALL the number, then it SMS’s you back the details. If M1 offers free wifi and whatnot, they should SMS a welcome, no?
  5. SETTINGS If you go for free wifi – and why not? – SSID is Wireless@SG (look in your wifi service list in Settings). User ID is your +61mobilenumber@singtel and Password is usually 6 numerals. Service Provider is Singtel. Valid to 12am each day (send an sms each day). Can be used for free on iCell and Qmax networks. So make sure you opt for Singtel or those networks in iphone wifi settings.

I had to do all this because the hotel didn’t offer free wifi and for some reason I couldn’t get a wifi connection between my laptop and my macbook airport wifi card. Anyway, I wanted hot and cold running internet to my iphone while in Singapore so this works for me.

What do you think? Any additional tips you can offer. What did I miss – calls, voicemail, data roaming… anything else?

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