Seen this one?

Nothing quite says “I hate your product” like a good quality user generated anti advertisement…
I like the line:

Hope this song has helped you understand,
Now you know, how You Killed Your Brand.

Full lyrics:

Step 1, You make your console cost the most,
You Beat your chest and proudly Boast,
Despite no good exclusive games
You make a bunch of ridiculous claims,

Then ignore our need to play online
Don’t make it fun like Xbox Live
Use Blue Ray, Which I don’t need
Now you’re getting your ass kicked by the Wii

Sony, you went wrong, with your PS3
I’ll just keep playing my 360
Hope this song has helped, you understand
Now you know, How You Killed Your Brand.

Phil Harrison yeah you know best
Except you didn’t Beta Test
Sure I can surf the net
But I can’t find my Gaming Friends

You Say Halo 3 Don’t worry you
Instead you offer Killzone 2
But Killzone 1 sucked before
So what made you think we wanted more?

What would you do, if this video was about your product or service? Sue ’em? Ignore ’em? Write some ass-kissin’ comment on the YouTube, GamerTrailer, Revver Metacafe etc (thousands of sites). Me? I’d sing back to ’em. Heh.

Oh, and it’s not just the same clip everywhere, here’s some other anti-advertisements using the same theme song