Well, Simon Canning from The Australian starts off his article Home made commercials put wind up professionals with:

IF you hate advertising now, when it is made by professionals, imagine how you will feel when the amateurs take over.

I’ve commented a couple of times on user generated advertising – the L’Oreal campaign caught my eye as did the Ford move away from marketing agencies.

One of the biggest brands to allow consumers to make its ads is Mastercard. The
company has launched a promotion in the US inviting customers to make their own
version of its “priceless” campaign.

My favourite Mastercard “Indecent Proposal” spoof is the one with the doorbell -from 2001.

More info at iFilm about director Scott Quigley and his other submissions.

A guy’s late-night proposal almost lands him in a date with his girl’s daddy. A take on MasterCard “priceless” ads.This film is part of the L.A. Film School Showcase. Want to make films like these yourself? Then enter the L.A. Film School Pitch Contest, and you could win a 6-Week Digital-Video Filmmaking Class!

While The Australian article covers viral marketing and hyper consumers (without using the jargon -*grins*) issues such ignoring censorship to make edgier ads is not covered. Though I have to admit, the naughty ones are the best ads. Like that Bridgestone dog one.

Oh and the Napster poledancer that I already wrote about.

Anyway to cut a long story short, I didn’t like that opening paragraph, but I did like the closing one:

Advertising agencies are just going to have to accept it.

I guess that means we will too. šŸ™‚

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