I was trying to navigate my way around my blog – which had turned to Arabic menus at the top – and accidentally flagged it as having “objectionable content”. Now, I’m not the best blogger in the world, but I doubt I shoulda flagged my own blog as bad ‘un. I’ve since turned the blog back into english – see below- but it won’t unflag. Annoying… So I thought I’d write a post in case anyone gets stuck overseas and their settings for ‘English’ don’t hold.

Ummm Google? dear? Just because I am in Saudi Arabia doesn’t mean I suddenly became fluent in Arabic. And yes, I know I said I studied Fuhsa (formal arabic) but I was just showing off, honest! I can count and know the words for bread and passport. That sort of thing.

The odd thing is, I’m logged into Google (you can see that) and my settings are clearly for “English“. Anyway if you ever get stuck this is how you fix it:

  1. go to google.com (and also check you aren’t at google.com.sa or wherever)
  2. bottom left (or right, depending on language) is Google in English.
  3. Click, log in, go to settings, set English again
  4. Now go to Google search, Google Blogger/Blogspot and so on, they shoulda changed back.

Or. Go on Twitter, contact me @SilkCharm and I’ll talk you through it in real time, online. 🙂

EDIT: I forgot to add:

… Facebook? WTF? Personalised delivery of advertising still has some basic elements to deal with . e.g. where does it say I want ads in Arabic in my profile? o.O

EDIT: For Stephanie
Steph do you have this?

Click on Google in English – then you should have Classic Google in English, Click on PREFERENCES. See on the right, middle one? *points below*

Whatever happens, try and stop Google from defaulting to Google.com.SA or some other google. I think yelling at the monitor helps. 😛