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Sacked journalists take to blogging? I was on Twitter’s party line for the Monday night (USA time) chats on journalism #journchat, and was a little taken aback to see the number of journalists tweeting about losing their job, papers closing, and so on. Then this one caught my eye.

@Machione: @amyvernon I’m a journalist whose paper closed. Accepted in Typepad’s Journalist Bailout Program. http://starkreporter.typepad.com #journchat

Being incurably nosy, I went off to look at Typepad’s “Journalist bailout program“. Now called Typepad for Journalists. Typepad is a blogging platform, white label (hosted) service, extremely wellknown and used by all sorts of famous people and sites.

Typepad journalist bailout program
Typepad journalist bailout program

TypePad for Journalists is a new program from Six Apart, the company whose Movable Type and TypePad publishing platforms, Six Apart Media advertising, and Six Apart Services team help power many of the most successful media companies in the world.

We want to help independent journalists become more entrepreneurial, and to give you the tools you need to succeed with your own blog.

Originally launched as an informal “bailout program” for journalists who are out of work, or who just wanted to take control over their careers, we’ve been amazed to see that this idea has inspired responses from thousands of journalists around the world. So we’ve renamed the program and expanded its focus based on your response.

I checked them out, they provide three services:

What’s the Deal?

Membership in the TypePad for Journalists program includes a few key benefits:

  • The best tools for the job: TypePad Pro is the same industrial-strength blogging platform that powers many of the biggest media sites in the world. TypePad offers all the latest technical features with a simple interface that lets you focus on your ideas, not technology. All backed by real humans to answer your questions.
  • Powerful advertising services: Six Apart Media offers an experienced and creative advertising program that already helps hundreds of publishers earn more than they would with simple text ads like Google AdWords.
  • Promotion and Education: We’ll promote your site on Blogs.com, our directory of the best of blogs, and connect you to experts from Six Apart and from across the web who can teach you how to build your audience and make your new blog a success.

Bronwen Clune, ex journalist and now Citizen Editor and CEO of citizen newspaper, Norg said something that we needed something similar when Fairfax fired those first 500 odd staff. And she got shot down in flames for it. Makes you think, no?

If you are interested in where I think how there can be a crossover from journalism to hybrid citizen journalism, this is a workshop I ran for 80 freelance journalists in Sydney.

Stuff in Red: telling journalists that blogging can align them with the biggest media sites, showing them that there is advertising program that other publishers use, and offering educational services for career improvement and building an audience is the way to sell social media services to traditional journalists facing unemployment, no?

Laurel Papworth

Named by Forbes™ Magazine in the Top 50 Social Media Influencers globally, named Head of Industry, Social Media (Marketing Magazine™) and in the Power150 Media bloggers (AdAge™). CERT IV Training and Assessment certified trainer (Diplomas and Certificates etc) Adult Education. Laurel has manager Facebook Pages for Junior Masterchef, Idol, Big Brother etc. and have consulted on private online communities for banks Westpac, not for profits UNHCR & governments in SE Asia. Lecturer, social media, University of Sydney for 10 years and Laurel has 11,000 online students. Laurel Papworth personally connects to 6 million followers online and has taught around 100,000 people in the last 10 years how to be social media managers.

3 thoughts on “TypePad Journalist Bailout Program

  1. This is a scary situation in the US. I live in St. Paul, MN and was a journalist many years ago.

    I wish Typepad and Six Apart all the best, for there is nothing more important to democracy than a free press.

    I worry, however, that there is not enough money to support diverse independent journalism in routine environments. By routine I mean, the city councils in developed countries, the political campaigns of less populated areas.

    One of my favorite journalist sites is Frontline Club > in London.

    I hope you don’t mind, if I posted a link to a Marketing Edge podcast I did with San Jose Mercury News business columnist
    Chris O’Brien on a project he did with Duke University called the Next Generation Newsroom great overview of what news may well become around the world.

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