1. And both tribes genuflect before the altar of two entirely over-rated icons.

    the iPhone tribe is really best described as a bunch of iLosers. Imagine that, lining up for a stupid phone. How dumb? And it ain’t even the best phone there is.

    As for these Jesus Freaks, well, that’s exactly what they are. Freaks. The sooner they go home, the quicker we can get back to talking about fixing our transport system, the Murray Basin and everything else that truly matters.

  2. Gosh these anonymous commentators passing judgment on anyone different to them.

    I for one think it is great to get a little “social” back in the tribe. People talked to each other in lines on Friday, and I am guessing showering pilgrims in swimsuits will talk to each other tonight.

    There is no harm in either group that I can see, yet it draws the ire and anger of others….what would that be? Loneliness? Lack of Purpose? Rejection from the tribe…?

  3. Seriously, I don’t understand the green poster. Is it encouraging or discouraging intolerance?

  4. err… neither? Or – as there is very little intolerance of Christianity in Australia, it only sucks if you are a Muslim – it’s highlighting the intolerance of those who stop people from wearing satirical t-shirts.

    It’s an image from ages ago called CruciPod that I use from time to time to highlight that brand mashups mean the brand is no longer under the control of the ‘owners’.

    In this case, cos it’s a big week of Apple and Christianity and the hoohah over slogan t-shirts being worn in Sydney (you can get a $5000 fine, whereas being a Flasher only means a few hundred dollar fine) it was relevant. Blocking freedom of speech of one tribe to support another tribe will cause a forking in the community. In this case, the Facebook group and media coverage of the satirical T-shirt ban.

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