Two Sunday Night Quickies

If peer2peer marketing/advertising spells disaster for traditional media, and doctors are shirty about peer2peer health support, what do you think the banks will do with peer2peer banking???!!?? (From the Orlando Sentinel’s Richard Burnett).

People in search of loans are finding deals through online auctions

Turned away and turned off by conventional banks, Jerry R. Brown plugged into an online lending network in search of a financial boost for his Osceola County business.

Brown is among thousands of Americans surfing the latest wave in Internet commerce: peer-to-peer banking, a grass-roots-type phenomenon that matches borrowers and lenders in an online-auction format.

Lend us a quid, Mister?

Our other quick tidbit: Pepsi relaunched PepsiOne a few months ago – without TV. That’s gotta hurt…

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