Twitter Trending Tops – Why? from Brizzly

Why is a keyword trending on Twitter? Brizzly gives you a “why” button on their dashboard.

Ever wondered why a topic is trending on Twitter? A new service – that does heaps more besides – tells you.

Brizzly - blue box shows trending topics and why
Brizzly - blue box shows trending topics and why

Hat tip: Keith Don who tweeted an invite link. I got one. You didn’t. Life sucks doesn’t it? Heh.


You wouldn’t use Brizzly just to find out about trending topics and why they are trending – you’d probably want to migrate across your social network activity to their dashboard, and there are plenty of other dashboards around. I simply found the option to click WHY? a unique one. So far at least.

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  1. Hey Laurel,

    This looks interesting, thanks for the heads up. I’m curious how it will deal with hashtag spam. You know, when Twitter spammers load their tweets with multiple hashtags and no content. Or they hashtag a Trending Topic and include irrelevant crap in the tweet.

    I blogged about this problem recently. Here’s the URL.

    BTW do you know where I can get an invite code for Brizzly?

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