Twitter Terrorism and Australias Net Filters

What will these boys see yet refuse to tell?

Uh Oh.

Could Twitter become terrorists’ newest killer app? A draft Army intelligence report, making its way through spy circles, thinks the miniature messaging software could be used as an effective tool for coordinating militant attacks. (Wired)

Well, if a bunch of daft marketers can co-ordinate a collaborative agency – Twitter Agency – one assumes a group of guys with bombs might also see Twitter’s benefits.
Taken from the How To Do Terrorism on the Web guide kindly published by 304th Military Intelligence Battalion.

This recent presentation — put together on the Army’s 304th Military Intelligence Battalion and found on the Federation of the American Scientists website — focuses on some of the newer applications for mobile phones: digital maps, GPS locators, photo swappers, and Twitter mash-ups of it all.

You know, I always intend to ‘pop on the ‘ net‘ for just a moment. I end up down the rabbit hole and ‘playing on the computer’ for hours. So here’s what I propose: Everyone submits cool shite for him to look at *gets excited* We make sure he’s so engrossed in Digg, Twitter, Blogging, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, MySpace, StumbleUpon that he totally, like, forgets all that nasty bombing stuff. None of that …
… Death to America rubbish. Anyway, once he’s on Twitter, he’ll never get off. The Voice of Experience, here.

So a couple of points – Twitter is public. That means, I (@SilkCharm) can place up “is heading to Osama Bin Laden’s cave to deliver cupcakes”
and the whole world will know. That’s the point of Twitter. (Caveat: eating my cupcakes would bring the War on Terrorism to a dramatic and messy end. Fast). Secondly, it’s quite hard to get a lot of followers on Twitter – I’d like to see how he does! Thirdly, has Osama published his internal social media guidelines? The ones that talk about revealing IP and company terrorist cell secrets? I mean, he won’t want a NAB fiasco will he?

…someone should warn him about Nigerian 411 scams? Nah.

I doubt Al Qaeda are on Facebook and Twitter. I suspect it’s banned internally, and filtered in the caves. Ask Stephen Conroy.

Talking of Stephen Conroy – I have been amiss not mentioning his clean filter again. Remember Department of the Internets?

Do you love your children? Senator Stephen Conroy does; and he’s thinking about them.

A lot.

The Department of Internets

Gone now. But here’s my original post – including:

For The Children (politics)

The phrase “for the children“, or similar phrases such as “think of the children,” is an appeal to emotion and can be used to support an irrelevant conclusion (both logical fallacies) when used in an argument.

from January this year. Of course there are many sites already banned – no access in Australia – this just moves the responsibility onto the ISPs. Good thing 802.11s and peer to peer telecommunications is coming. Then we can proxy out and the whole $400 million or whatever Conroy’s spending will come to nought anyway. But as long as it looks like he’s doing something I guess.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Expect Twitter to be filtered out, to keep the bad guys discussions on Death to America from our eyes. All in our best interest, of course.

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  1. I’m devastated! If Osama and his boys have moved to Twitter then they must have moved out of Second Life. Sigh. SL won’t be the same without them.

    P.S. I want to know more about the Department of the Internets.

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