*laughs her head off* We now know as much about the companies we are interested in, as they do about us. And I don’t mean annual reports written for shareholders or marketing information written for consumers.

Twitter are looking at raising funding – around $15m worth (from Gigaom):

Official news of the deal is eventually going to percolate out, and hopefully I will be able to nail down the specifics on who is the lead investor. Valleywag and Silicon Alley Insider had mentioned Spark Capital as a potential investor.

So, as Gigaom mentions, when one of the Twitter staff/gurus, Evan tweets:
….it’s kinda funny. Have a look where Spark Capital reside:
The cat is out of the bag, no?

I gone into details on this before so I won’t bore you again: the social network knows your business before you do and your staff are members of social networks too. The curtain is raised, the fourth wall dropped, and we consumers – who were outside – are now looking in. And giggling (in my case) *laughs again*