Jennifer Ross @Jenn was on a plane, tweeting away, when the plane ahead of hers ran off the runway:

Pushed back – airport shutdown due to “an emergency” on a flight taking off to the north

A couple of pages of updates later – THEN heritage media starts reporting it. I wonder what United Airlines think of this comment while watching a Continental flight burning on the runway?:

United could have been kind and left ch 9 on, but it’s been off since boarding 🙁 #dia

Channel 9 is the pilots channel with – if I remember correctly – webcams of the runway and nose of the plane. I love it but it gives some people the heebiejeebies.

2DrinksBehind (Mike Wilson) was actually ON the plane. Apparently. *carefully watching for media fibbers* Experience says Jenn is trustworthy, 2DrinksBehind doesn’t have much social currency on Twitter yet, not many tweets, or followers …

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But he does have a foto 🙂

Holy fucking shit I wasbjust in a plane crash!

Yes I would misspell too, during a plane crash…

BreakingNewsOn is well worth following, on Twitter.

here’s the USA Today story:

DENVER (AP) — A Continental Airlines jet taking off from Denver went off the runway and caught fire Saturday night, forcing passengers to evacuate on emergency slides and injuring nearly 40 people, officials said.

No deaths were reported, but 38 people were taken to hospitals, said Kim Day, Denver International Airport manager of aviation. No one was reported in critical condition.

The cause of the accident was not immediately known. The weather in Denver was cold but not snowy when Continental Flight 1404 took off from Denver International Airport for Houston at around 6:20 p.m. local time.

Ground crews put out the flames quickly, said airport spokesman Jeff Green. The 112 people on board made it out on through slides on the Boeing 737.

The plane was carrying 107 passengers and five crewmembers, said Continental spokeswoman Mary Clark.

Denver Health spokeswoman Kalena Wilkinson said seven people were taken to her hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening. Five people were in fair condition at the University of Colorado hospital, a spokeswoman said.

The accident closed the airport’s west airfield and caused delays of 40 minutes, Day said.

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