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Twitter NFT Tiles and the Metaverse #TweetTiles

Metaverse meets web2: Twitter launched 140 NFTs in 2021 and Hexagon profiles in Jan 2022 and Tweet Tile NFTs in Nov 2022

Did you know Twitter had NFTs? Lecture: How Web2 collaborative social platforms like Twitter are integrating Web3 emergent tech like NFTs – both as soft hexagon NFT profile pictures and now trialling Tweet Tiles linked to marketplaces like Rarible (I list the wallets and the marketplaces).

Twitter and the Metaverse: Tweet Tiles, NFTs and Web3

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Transcript of Twitter Tweet Tiles and NFTs lecture

Hello, my name is Laurel Papworth, and I wanted to go through today how Twitter is integrating Web3 and the Metaverse into their platform. I wanted to talk about it today and show it to you today because I’m trying to get the Foundation Stone series of videos covered as an indicator that this has momentum. As much as people out there say, “I’m Meta-Averse” “the Metaverse doesn’t exist” “this isn’t happening. Nothing’s happening” as we look at Instagram bringing in NFTs, and now Twitter bringing in NFTs, and NFCs being a staple of the peer to peer p2p economy and so closely connected to blockchain and cryptocurrency, it’s possible that’s the door that opens for the rest of humanity who are going, what’s the Metaverse to walk in through that door. That’s my guess. Not sure, but I like to see web2 collaborative platforms, user generated platforms like Instagram, like Twitter integrating blockchain, NFT, metaverse type things in their platform. [00:00:00.760]

Around January 2022. So this year, if you’re watching, in 2022, if you’re in the future, hello. Twitter started to integrate for Twitter verified, no, Twitter Blue, the two dollar $2.99 a month account. [00:01:12.400]

So the paid for account started integrating hexagons soft hexagon NFTs, meaning that your profile picture could have a soft hexagon on it, which means that you’re into NFTs and you own the NFT. Twitter also said that they’ve integrated wallets so that you can verify your ownership of the NFT. The wallets are Argent, Coinbase wallet, which is my main one. Ledger live MetaMask another one I use a lot Rainbow and Trust wallet. I don’t know if there’s anymore that was back in January, but you get the idea. Connect your wallet, verify your NFT. Now you’ve got soft Hexagon image on your Twitter profile, and we’re good to go. That was in January. [00:01:30.030]

Now we are looking at Twitter tiles. Twitter tiles of verified NFTS posted in messages, or at least a link to the NFT posted in a message. So you can see the Verified (NFT) status. This feature is compatible with some marketplaces currently Jump Trade, Magic Eden, Dapper Labs and Rarible. And I think in my “sports and the Metaverse video” that I did a few weeks ago, I talked about Wearable and Dapper no, Dapper Labs is coming up there, but we’re good. That’s good for it’s currently being tested. [00:02:13.990]

Well, that was the tweet from Twitter Labs. Twitter dev @Twitterdev. It’s not like I haven’t been following them for years, but I forgot. And I’ll put an image up on the screen so you can see what it looks like. And you can click on “See on Marketplace”, but they are testing tweet tiles, twitter tiles, NFT Twitter tiles. [00:02:50.590]

Not mentioned:

So thank you for joining me. I hope you found this interesting, and I’ll see you in the next foundation video, which is coming up shortly. Thanks. Bye. [00:03:15.660]

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