How do you know who has clicked through on a link, how many times and the sum of click thrus on retweets? Let Auntie SilkCharm explain.

In dot points:

  • Sign up to Tweetburner
  • Add Twurl button to your toolbar
  • Monitor pages twurled on yr archive page e.g.
  • Click the barchart graphic for more information – retweets for example, Twitter apps used, time of clickthroughs.

In pictures.


Go to Tweetburner, sign up, you’ll end up with a URL like

tweetburner-orangeDrag the Orange thingie to your toolbar. This means that whenever you are on a page you want to Tweet and monitor, you click the toolbar button and up springs a popup window.

twurlthisSee? There’s the toolbar.

The pop window looks like this


You can see the URL that is being twurled, add @names and your 140 chars.

Now monitor your archive page that has a URL like


The bar chart takes you to the URL for more information on that Twurl/Tweet and has the format


Dunno why it only shows a few reTweeters – I had at least 80 on this one. But you can check retweeters usually on – hope this helped. For Mike Seyfang @Fang, who asked nicely.

Metrics and measurement in the social network space rock. I don’t understand why people say you can’t measure a social media campaign – I’d be lost measuring a traditional media campaign. I teach Social Media Measuring one day workshops through AFTRS and in Singapore. Not really plugging – just making sure that no-one says stuff can’t be measured without knowing I’m gonna slap ’em – just gently. 😛

By the way, if you are tweeting your own blog posts – spamming ’em – WordPress has Tweetback plugins. FTW!