1. “People know People. Peer to Peer. Disintermediation of Fame.” How true. Love that last line in this post of yours.

    I read about the people’s reactions in NZ towards the new law in the following site http://www.geekzone.co.nz/juha/6247. They have described it as the “world’s harshest copyright enforcement law”. Just curious to know what triggered this law to be in place?

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    1. The earliest news piece I have managed to dig up just now: only speaks of the introduction to parliament by Judith Tizard.

      Common belief (and not without reason) is that it was urged by lobby groups acting for recording industry bodies such as APRA and RIANZ, and unsurprisingly these seem to be the most vocal supporters of the act.

      So basically this is all due to major record labels being too stubborn and scared to change their business model because the last 50 years have been a gravy train.

  2. Hi Juha,

    Thanks for sharing with us your latest blog post. I just read it. The examples stated there are easy to understand. 🙂 However I’m just wondering – the last point you stated there is “The only way to change it and again, I don’t believe for a second that this will happen, is through large-scale civil disobedience.”

    So I’m guessing civil disobedience here refers to protesting?

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