jail_prisonFollowing on from our discussions re:  the law and legal system being inflexible and unable to cope with how humans interact in online communities and social media sites.

A juror who used Twitter to communicate his disapproval of the plantiff in a civil case has provoked an argument that could lead to a mistrial.

Russell Wright’s construction company Stoam Holdings recently lost a $12 million dollar lawsuit brought by investors. But lawyers for the firm are arguing that juror Johnathan Powell’s Twitter updates broke the rules prohibiting jurors from discussing such cases with the public.

However, Powell insists he didn’t make any pertinent updates until after the verdict, and that he didn’t read any replies.

I’m surprised jurors were allowed to take mobile devices into court in the first place: I suspect they may not be in future… Via Slashdot.

(from Popgadget)

And thus it starts.