One of the problems with online communities is member-to-member spam. THEY don’t see it as spam, but we do. And anything automatic that takes the ‘human or social’ element out of social networks, is spam, in my mind. Your mileage may vary.  But if you do agree, here is a how to stop auto-DMs. Because they are annoying, aren’t they? PS A DM is a Direct Message. In some social networks it’s a PM private or personal message. Usually it’s a one-to-one non-public (private) in-social-network email tool, that may be relayed to your main email account.

  1. Follow @OptMeOut
  2. Wait for email
  3. Only when you are both following can you can “message” or DM  – so DM @OptMeOut (doesn’t matter what you say)
  4. Unfollow @optmeout (do this so that you disappear off possible spam lists)
  5. Now Tweetlater won’t send you those pesky “thanks for following me, don’t forget to visit my HowToBeRich site“.

In Pictures

Follow @OptOut

Follow @OptmeOut


Wait for Email

Message or DM when you are mutual following

Message or DM when you are mutual following


Optmeout unfollow

The only problem now is – it was helpful to watch who auto-DMd so you could quickly UNfollow them, and avoid yourself grief in the form of trivial spammy tweets, later. Ah well, can’t win ’em all.