Want to find Twitter followers based on their location, or bio information? Want to find and follow social media lists that influencers in the online community have curated? Read on… Listorious holds the key

Twitter is great unless we don’t know anyone on there. And then we struggle. After all, it’s not Facebook where you can amuse yourself with Farmville and so on,on your own. Twitter needs people to be interesting.

Now, people create lists of people on Twitter (there is a tab called Lists where you can create your own). For example I have 500 Australian Journalists listed her http://twitter.com/#!/SilkCharm/australianmedia <- but how do you find lists by other people? You can open their profile page and see what lists they’ve created and what lists they are on, but that’s a bit time consuming, no? There has to be a tool, right? And yes! There is!

I like Listorious because it lets me find and follow lists people. TIP: when you click search, Listorious defaults to PEOPLE. Click LISTS to get a list.  Want a list of 400 or so wine people in Australia?

Australian wineries on Twitter

I don’t actually understand Listorious stated raison d’etre – to interview “experts” – but as a find and follow tool, it’s unparalleled. And note: @winewipesoz is no more, but the list is kept here, in the secondary (ecosystem) online community, which is awesome.

The key with social media is that someone else has already done the heavy lifting. Don’t YOU curate the list – at least not until you’ve checked whether someone else has already done it.  You don’t have to find the top bloggers in an industry – someone who knows the social network (people, not tool) better than you has already created and distributed the list. Find a source you trust and start unravelling the secret lists. 😛

A list is a list – doesn’t tell you quality or influence or quantity or sentiment –  but it’s a start.  Have fun.