Twitter for Business and Government and number of Australians

In this video taken at the Mayor of San Francisco’s press conference, @ev (Evan Williams, CEO and co-founder of Twitter) is talking about how businesses use Twitter… and government departments

Some of his examples and points:

  • Events – Earthquakes creates viral spike in activity
  • Public Transit – BART light rail (?) gives updates on Twitter (like the lovely MelbTransport 🙂 ) But official. Interestingly, BART has Twitter on their webpage so @ev agrees that BART are advertising Twitter.
  • Meeting diaires
  • Retail local business is interesting to @ev – they don’t use online a lot usually. Mission Pie talks about new pies. Increase in pie business 10-20% since Twittering. Lots of beer on Twitter too. 😛
  • Arts, Attractions – Museum, Zoo, Symphony, Parks –  Zoo promotes Twitter on their home page. 

… actually I’ve asked them for their powerpoint preso (hard to see in the video) so I’ll edit more later. if I get access to it. 

twitterWe were number 12 on the list – 3% – a year ago for web traffic. 

I’ve posted Twitter usage for Australia Australia StatisticsOpens in a new tab. and Ev talks about Australia on Twitter blogOpens in a new tab.. Last year we were number 12 country for web traffic and #6 for SMS (now stopped due to our greedy telcos). 

Sometimes I get the feeling that Twitter are trying to do everything themselves, with regards to selling Twitter as a business proposition: consider this Tweet (from me) about Facebook:

@ariherzog Facebook: 280 million members, 175 million access monthly, 18 million update status daily, 4 million become Fans of Pages daily.

That’s the sort of statistics that make it easy for us to sell Twitter as a business marketing tool. Facebook has 4.6 million Australians out of a population of 21.5 million on active accounts. I can’t easily get those figures for Twitter. But I know that Australia is consistently 3% of traffic for most Twitter applications  (from @dacort) – but what is the overall global Twitter account number? Consensus seems to be around 6 million accounts (50 million visits per month). Anyone got a calculator? 😛  Oh wait Google -3 % of 6 million = 180,000 Australians on Twitter. Lucas Ng came up with a little more:Opens in a new tab.  250k. 

Ok, I’m off to run another workshop here in Singapore. Just quick posts at the moment, teaching takes a lot of the energies used for blogging, I find.

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