My guess is that we will start to see sponsored by corporate twitter landing pages, with custom look and feel like this election one. It’s one business model for Twitter I guess! Fashion week might pay, for example.

The feed updates dynamically, unlike current Twitter.

Twitter is the most phenomenal news source on the planet. Bar none. Australian newspapers aren’t aware of it, but my god, switched on global news have cottoned on:

and a rather spammy ABC Australia (fix your cron jobs!) that uses Twitter to *push* content out automatically- in a deluge, rather than a bit at a time – and I’m not sure they are sourcing their stories from Twitter, just automated the publishing of their own content. I’ve linked to the ABC Sydney Twitter page because – bizarrely – they geofocus their news. No way to get an overview of Australian content, it’s all city by city.

I haven’t seen a news article that cites Twitter as a source yet. Because Twitter is a content distribution and not a content creation network, we may not ever see that. It’s too easy to read some tweets about an earthquake or an assassination from someone with a mobile phone, on the spot, and do a quick confirmation without having to attribute the original source as coming from Twitter. Shame really.

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